Complaints - What Should You Do?

The first step in attempting to resolve any dispute should be to contact the Member involved with a view to seeking a mutually satisfactory solution, within the context of the contractual agreement regarding the project. From a business perspective it is in a Member’s best interest to ensure that they are producing a quality product, fostering strong client relations, establishing a positive reputation in the industry, and thereby ensuring potential future referrals. Generally these business realities serve as a strong foundation for fair and productive dispute resolution within the parameters of the governing written contract.

If the parties are unable to reach agreement, they may choose to retain the services of a professional mediator or legal counsel to assist with the interpretation and resolution of the issues. If it becomes evident that the dispute cannot be resolved between the parties, legal action may be necessary. The agreement between the professional and the client is governed by contract law, and the courts may ultimately be the only avenue for resolution.

It is important to note that the role of the Association is to govern the practice of architecture and interior design in the province of Alberta. The Association does not have the mandate or the resources to become involved in the ongoing contractual and business dealings of its membership. It is only in situations where a member of the public believes that a Member has engaged in unskilled practice or unprofessional conduct that the Association should become involved. Regardless of whether or not legal action is initiated, a member of the public may lodge a complaint with the Association against one of our registered Members regarding professional misconduct.

Complaint emails or inquiries about the complaint process can be forwarded directly to