The Alberta Association of Architects is governed by a Council of nine Architects, elected by the Membership, plus one Licensed Interior Designer and a member of the public appointed by the Minister of Human Resources and Employment. The Public Representative enriches discussions on Council, particularly those with public implications, and opens the workings of the Association to the public.

In addition, the Dean of the Architecture Program at the University of Calgary and the Chair of Mount Royal University's Faculty of Applied Interior Design are ex-officio members of Council. Their presence ensures a continual flow of information between Alberta's educational institutions and the Professions. This flow is also facilitated by the presence on Council of ex officio student members from both Universities, whose presence moreover ensures direct ties to the student body within the province.

The Council is an empowered body charged before the law with ultimate accountability for and authority over the Association’s activities. The Council is ultimately responsible to the membership to ensure that the contract that allows members to practice as professionals, the Architects Act, is fulfilled.

The Council's responsibilities include: 
 establishing mission and goal statements;
 setting policy and developing strategy for implementation by directors and volunteers;
 serving as the appeal body for the Registration and Complaint Review Committees;
 exercising approval responsibilities regarding applications; and
 determining annual fees and approving annual budget.

Please visit our current Council listing here.